Our Story:
Since we first opened our doors in 2006, we have been dedicated to saving our clients’ money. And we did a pretty good job at it. But in 2011, we discovered a revolutionary way of accomplishing this goal. And the results have been spectacular.

The “generic” description of our services is that we provide workers’ compensation defense for insurance companies and self-insured employers. But a lot of firms do that. What makes us unique is how we do it, and even more importantly, how much money we save our clients in the process.

Let’s Talk:
Let us share with you what we have learned. You will probably find the case results incredible. We do too. But we can show you how our strategies work and how you can apply them. It won’t cost you anything to talk with us, and it could change your business forever.

Top Franchise Legal Players: Ambika Sapra
Co-Founder and Partner at Sapra & Navarra, LLP

Ambika Sapra cautions franchisees against looking for the mythical legal unicorn: a way to get out of being sued.
It’s better to take proactive steps to be prepared, not surprised.